Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association branch working regulations



Act 1  总则 


Article one Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association Branch is a branch of Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as the association), does not have independent legal personality。Under the leadership of the association and in combination with the characteristics of the industry, the branch shall carry out the relevant work。

Article 2 In accordance with the articles of association, the branch may recruit members related to business from the members of the association, and it may also develop members in the society. Members developing in the society shall conform to the business scope of the branch, and at the same time shall become members of the association and enjoy the rights and obligations of members。

Article 3 The purpose of the branch is to comply with national laws, regulations and policies, and earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of service, self-discipline, coordination and guidance;Adhere to serving the industry, enterprises and the public, and play the role of bridge and link between the government and the industry;Safeguard the legitimate interests of member units。


Act 2 Job responsibilities


      Article 4 To publicize and implement the national and provincial guidelines, policies and regulations on road transport, coordinate and organize the industry to operate according to law and develop healthily;

Article 5 Carry out investigations and research, service enterprises。The sub-committee shall establish issues around the "Road Transport Regulations of the People's Republic of China" and national and provincial road transport laws, regulations, standards and hot spots and difficulties in the industry, organize members and relevant personnel to conduct research, put forward suggestions and opinions, and promote the healthy development of the road transport industry;

      Article 6 Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of business households,The branch will be in line with the purpose of "two-way service" for the government and members,Give full play to "providing services,Reflect the appeal,The role of industry self-regulation,We will strengthen communication and coordination between government administrative bodies and enterprises, and between enterprises,Actively help member units to solve problems,Appeals to enterprises,It is necessary to seek truth from facts, objective and fair to reflect and coordinate solutions,Actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of business households;

Article 7 Carry out the investigation, collection and sorting of basic information of the road transport industry, carry out information exchange and consultation, and provide professional information for the development planning, economic and technological policies, management regulations, technical standards, business norms and licensing hearings of the road transport industry;

Article VIII Organize job training, lectures and experience exchange for employees to improve their professional quality and technical level。Improve the quality of enterprise management through the training of management personnel;

The ninth article Actively organize and carry out the exchange of experience, the promotion of new technology and new technology, broaden the vision of enterprises, and improve the level of road transportation management in the province;

Article ten Promote industry self-discipline, establish "industry rules and conventions" in the industry, regulate business behavior in the industry, and jointly maintain a "fair, open and just" market order environment;    

     Article 11 Guide the construction of industry culture, vigorously advocate "integrity, quality" service;

     Article 12 Under the unified organization of the association, coordinate and organize the production and operation of the industry, technological progress and development cooperation, develop contacts with relevant social groups at home and abroad in the name of the association, and carry out economic and technological cooperation and exchange activities   

Article 13 Organize the compilation of professional books and related materials, undertake other tasks assigned by the association。

Article 14 Entrusted by the government and relevant departments to undertake other work related to road transport。


Act 3 Organizational structure 


Article 15 The club has a president and several vice presidents。The president and vice president of the branch shall be nominated by the president and the secretary general of the association and elected by the founding meeting. The term of office shall be determined according to the change time of the association. During the term of office, the former unit may propose candidates for adjustment due to job changes。

Article 16 The branch shall hold a plenary meeting at least once a year to study, formulate, summarize and deploy the work of the branch。According to the needs of the work, the president and vice president can agree to hold a meeting of the branch at any time to study the relevant work。

Article 17 The branch may, as necessary, formulate the corresponding Rules of Work of the Branch, which shall be submitted to the Standing Council of the Association or the President's office for approval and implementation。


Act Four Office expenses 


Article 18 Source of funds

1.Funds allocated by the Association;

2.Funds for research projects entrusted by relevant departments and income from paid services;

3.Government and related agencies funding, social sponsorship。

Article 19 Appropriation expenditure

1.Daily office expenses;

2.Activities expenses;

3.Special staff allowances, gratuities and travel expenses of full-time staff;

4.Other necessary expenses。

Article 20 Branch funds shall be set up by the financial department of the association for special expenses and supervision。


Chapter Five  附则 


Article 21 These regulations shall come into force after being passed by the branch meeting。

Article 22 The Secretariat of the Association shall be responsible for the interpretation of these regulations。